Balet Books Go to the Fair

This past weekend, Peter and I debuted two of Jan’s books at the annual book fair hosted by the Glens Falls Chronicle. The great thing about doing these local events is the ability to speak directly with area residents about Jan Balet, his life, and his works. For many, this was their first brush with the artist and response to his works was encouraging.

The experience reminds me that art is about making connections with the art lover – or in this case – the book lover.  Jan made those connections throughout his life, always thinking about not only the image, but also the message that his art conveyed.

With Amos and the Moon, his first children’s book, he showed not only a child’s ability to understand the concept of “shared ownership” of his beloved moon, but his neighbors’ empathy with a young boy trying to come to grips with the world around him. In The Five Rollatinis, the young boy Balet creates connects with readers through his struggle to find a place in his very accomplished family.

Thanks to all who stopped by to visit and, to those who picked up one of Jan’s books… happy reading!!