Even Santa Can Have Too Many Cookies

Despite our best intentions, the holiday season seems a time for us to indulge ourselves a bit more than we normally do. There are all sorts of great gatherings with an array of tasty – and fattening – things to tempt us. But we never think about how such indulgences might affect the big guy in the red suit. Jan did.

I look at these wonderful sketches of Jan’s and it makes me think that Mrs. Claus may have been baking way before the magical night – and Santa was sampling – a bit too much. OR this was taken AFTER his trip around the globe and the treats left for him by children everywhere took their toll, as evidenced by the scales and Santa’s rather concerned look. OR… was it that this Santa – who looks a lot more like Jan than Saint Nick – was thinking that if he had to sub for Santa, the suit just might not fit. Rumor has it that he came up with this image for a Christmas card after having gained some weight.

No matter the thought that prompted the drawings, one thing was clear. Jan put a hint of humor – and humanity – in all his works – even the cards he created for his friends.

So from our family to yours – We Wish You All the Happiness and Human Kindness of the Christmas season.

Peter and Marie