About Jan Balet Art Preservation, LLC

Jan Balet Art Preservation, LLC was established by the family of the artist to advance the public’s appreciation of Jan’s body of work. It is our hope that others will take pleasure in discovering his unique style and delight in the wit and wisdom with which he so deftly imbues his art.

Whether sketching, authoring and illustrating children’s books, creating commercial art, or painting and making lithographs, Jan Balet was thoughtful about each piece… showing the ebb and flow, the push and pull of what it means to be human… men and women with all of their foibles, but most of all, their enduring charm and zest for living.

It is in this spirit that Jan Balet Art Preservation, LLC sets the stage for future artists and art lovers to explore the world of our talented relative.

Nurture the Preservation

As part of our efforts to expand interest in and knowledge of Jan Balet’s works, our organization is in the process of building a complete listing of Jan’s art. While we have done considerable research spanning the various stages of his career, there is more for us to learn.

You can help! 

If you own a Balet piece, please contact us with the title, size, and medium, along with where you purchased or obtained it and when, if known. It is our hope that we will amass this list so that art scholars interested in Jan’s works can use it for their research.


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