(l) Peter Balet, (R) Dr. Sheldon Hurst

(l) Peter Balet, (R) Dr. Sheldon Hurst

Introducing podcasts to janbalet.com

Podcast: Exhibition Curator Presents Insights into Jan Balet and His Art

Dr. Sheldon Hurst, curator of the current Balet exhibition - What Was He Thinking - discusses the artist and his dedication to lithography in this first podcast, recorded at ArtReach Gallery in Portland, OR. The exhibition is currently being hosted at the Burke Gallery of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum.

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Tandem d'Amour

Curator of the Current Exhibition Interviews Balet Lithograph Collector

by Dr. W. Sheldon Hurst

In preparation for the premiere of What Was He Thinking? Jan Balet: Watercolors and Lithographs, curator of the exhibition Dr. Sheldon Hurst conducted an interview with collector Michael Paolercio about his love of Balet’s work.


It’s So Good to See You

Jan Balet & Herakleitos: An Unexpected Friendship Across Centuries

by Dr. Sheldon W. Hurst

The idea of kindred spirits is not new, but individuals who lived more than 2,000 years apart aren't often coupled as like minds. Despite the fact that they lived centuries apart, two creative minds are clearly linked through their works.

Fragments of the writings of the ancient Greek philosopher Herakleitos (540-480 BCE) have long provided a source of contemplation and discussion about human nature and relationships. Centuries later, the paintings of German-born artist Jan Balet (1913-2009) are filled with the same nuanced insights, inspiring reflection about humankind and thoughtful consideration of one’s own existence.


Orphee / Metropolitan

Charles Spencer Lecture

The world of Jan Balet, as depicted in his paintings, and of which he talks with great affection, even nostalgia, is a world he never experienced himself. "My ideal world,” he told me, "is 1910 to 1920.”...




Vorspiel (Foreplay)

Popular physchologist finds depth in Balet's paintings

"....Balet... a fun, witty, sexy and accessible commentary on the dance of love between men and women.” - Joy Browne