Does he know what he’s missing?, c. 1960. CBS Television Spot Sales.

Commercial Illustration

Jan’s whimsical and engaging drawings, coupled with his speed and creativity, fueled his success with New York advertisers and art directors alike.

Amos and the Moon (jacket cover). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 1948. Reprint, Los Angeles, CA: Ammo Books. 2015.

Children's Books

In both tone and style, the children’s books he authored, along with those he illustrated, cleverly conveyed Jan’s playful nature.

Three Balet children's books are back in print:
Amos and the Moon
The Five Rollatinis


Painting / Watercolor  
Lithography / Etching

Balet was a man of broad talent who exercised his artistic sensibilities to search the depths of the human condition. His works speak of the universal undercurrents in the nature of humankind.