By Dr. Sheldon W. Hurst

Below each image is the numbered fragment from Davenport’s translations of Herakleitos’ writings, chosen as evidence that Balet and Herakleitos shared a kinship of spirit, if not of time and place. Their similar intelligence is highlighted through their keen observation of human lives and relationships. Each allows his own conscious awareness to mingle with his creative unconscious to provide amazing insights - one verbal, the other visual.

You are encouraged to reflect on these images, read the related fragments, and let your mind enjoy the interplay. Perhaps you will see yourself or someone you know. And if you do, hold onto the thought that there is nothing new under the sun.



Perhaps Jan Balet and Herakleitos met in a tavern on one of the Hellatic islands, waiting for inspiration.


string duet

Herakleitos the Ancient Philosopher and Jan Balet the Artist play a duet: one verbal - the other visual.


king of the hill

If every man had exactly what he wanted, he would be no better than he is now. - Fragment 52