Web Connection Leads to Exhibition

michael and alison Paolercio admire  Fisherman

michael and alison Paolercio admire Fisherman

the butterfly collector

the butterfly collector

Not long after our website went live, several people contacted me about Jan Balet’s work they owned. One of these individuals, named Michael Paolercio, contacted me and shared that not only was he a fan of Jan’s work, but had been for some time. Michael then shared that, once while he and his wife, Alison, were visiting her family in New York City many years ago, her parents introduced him to Jan’s works during a walk through SOHO. He began collecting Balet lithographs and ephemera and, by the time he contacted me, that collection had grown to more than 60 wonderful lithographs.

A gallery director friend of ours became interested in the idea of curating an exhibition of some of Jan’s works. Naturally I told him about Michael's collection. The two men met and the gallery director was pleased to see the extensive group of Balet lithographs, all displayed in matching frames… just perfect for an exhibition. The two have met several times since then and Peter and I have had the pleasure of showing Michael our collection of Jan’s works, as well.

Plans for an exhibition are underway and we will be sharing more with all of you soon. Websites certainly can be the perfect tool linking like minds.

Peter & Marie