Holiday Beginnings – Jan’s First Children’s Book

Christmas time is very special to me. That is partly because of a truly unique gift I received from my father, Jan, when I was little.  I like to think that I inspired his foray into writing and illustrating children’s books because his very first one – Amos and The Moon – was written for me.

Yes – that’s right – I am Amos. Well, actually I am Peter and the book was originally to be named Peter and the Moon. However, it seems that there were too many works emerging at the time (like Peter and the Wolf) that had “Peter” as the first word in the title. Jan decided to change the character’s name to Amos. Maybe it was because Amos came first alphabetically or maybe he just liked the name Amos. I’m not sure, but for whatever reason… my special gift was titled Amos and The Moon.

This holiday season, I am extremely happy that, with the help of publishers, Ammo Books, “Amos” is back in print again. This wonderful story of a little boy wishing to capture the moon for his own has been out of print for many years... until now. Of course, I have my copy, but the timeless story that my father penned and illustrated for me deserves new audiences.

I can’t wait to share it again with all the little ones I love.


P.S. Want to introduce Amos to a young one you love? The book is available at Ammo Books