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New Exhibition of Balet Storybook Art Now Available



Travel Tales: The Pen & Palette of Jan Balet provides a look into both the real and imagined explorations of this German-American artist through his special books created for children. From his debut children’s book – Amos and The Moon – you capture a glimpse of city life at the turn of the century. The Five Rollatinis’ images are sure to excite the imagination of any child who has ever dreamed of performing under the big top. Through the images in Joanjo, you can almost taste the salt air of the fishing villages of Portugal. And, the charming Ladismouse teaches a valuable, and humorous, lesson about the importance of education.

the king and the broom maker

Balet’s original paintings for the books he both wrote and illustrated make up the more than 50 works in the exhibition and they are accompanied by many of the models from which he gained inspiration. In addition, first printings of many of the books, as well as his preliminary sketches round out the works in the exhibition. Additional items include a video reading of one of the stories, large wall art of individual characters from the books, and related educational activities for both children and adults.

Take the charm of Jan Balet’s paintings and couple them with stories sure to delight audiences, both young and old, and you have the basis for the new exhibition from Jan Balet Art Preservation LLC.


Museums interested in hosting Travel Tales are invited to contact Marie Balet for more information, including a full proposal and check list.

The Five rollatinis (left), amos and the moon (right)